Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I got the cutest gift from my sweet friend ashly for my birthday. What a great idea - she surpised me with a mini birthday cake in an adorable cake stand with napkins to serve it with!

Another Water Park

We took the kids to a little water park last weekend. Hadley has gotten so much braver - running up the stairs to go down the slide instead of having to be persuaded. Hayden brought his friend Clay. They had a great time together. They had their 2nd sleepover this past weekend and got lots of star wars, nintendo ds secrets, swimming and staying up late talking in!

Pool Time!

We love going to a friend of ours neighborhood pool. They have a high dive, which Hayden L-O-V-E-S, and the baby pool has a slide in the middle that Hadley loves!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Member Guest

The guys were in a member/guest golf tournament a few weeks ago. Here are a few pictures from the Saturday night dinner and dance...More Cowbell!!

4th Picnic with Friends!

Some of our great friends' parents have a cook-out everything 4th. They have a lot of land in the country and it is always so much fun to go! We eat, swim, fish, have sack races, shoot off fireworks, and there is always a big bon fire to make smores!

PS...Hadley is not in these pictures because she chose to spend the night with Nina and get some one on one with her!

Slumber Party

Nina and Hayden babysat Cal while Aunt Kylie took Hadley to the Kiddy Park! The boys had a great time together. Here they are watching batman...

Soccer Tournament

Hayden's soccer team played in a big tournament last weekend. The boys have played together on the same team for two years. The season had been over for a few months so it was fun to get together with all the parents again to watch the tournament! Most of the boys got mohawks for the tournament, a few got faux-hawks(a little still on the sides), hayden got a bunch of gel and hairspray to make it look like one! The boys played great considering it was almost 100 degrees. When it was their turn out during the game we were pouring ice water on their heads and making them drink gatorade. They placed 3rd!

Golf Camp...

First Mani and Pedi!

I took Hadley last week to get her first mani and pedi! They wanted to use hot pink, but i said only light pink. Then they topped it off with silver sparkles and a flower on her thumb(again, their idea not mine) - Hadley loved it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cal's 1st 4th!!


We bought LOTS of fireworks to shoot off! Hayden loved it, Hadley was a little nervous. She sat in the audience with the rest of us girls and just sat back, cheered and enjoyed the show. Hayden and Drew put on a great one!

Water Park

We went to a water park about an hour away from our house to play and cool down before watching the fireworks on the 3rd!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Go Stinger's!

Hadley, Hayden and Daddy

Hayden has played on the Stinger's for two years now. It is a fun group of parents and kids. They just had their last game. Hayden got one of the three game balls they handed out for hitting 2 for 3 and scoring 2 runs in a 5 - 2 win(drew had to tell me how to say that, i had to idea).

New Nephew

We have had so much fun with our new nephew(Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kylie's son) who arrived April 26 - Cal! It is so fun to have them live so close so we can see him all the time! Hayden and Hadley get so excited when he comes over or we get to go to their house to play. We are also very excited for our second nephew Brooks to arrive in September!

All I want for Christmas....

Hayden just lost his second front tooth! It was quite traumatic, he was playing with it because it was loose and it got twisted around. Finally after much screaming and crying he agreed to let Drew floss his teeth and it popped right out!