Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hadley's Sister

The day after Thankgiving I set my alarm for 3:50a.m. My sister and I did the unthinkable....we went to Wal-Mart for the big sale. We were on a mission for a 4' tall Barbie for one of Hadley's Christmas presents. Fast forward to Christmas Round 2...

This was by far one of her favorite gifts....When she opened it she screamed, "I have a SISTER!"

As soon as my grandparents arrived she ran to the door to tell them she now has a sister...

"Sister" even knows what to to do for a touchdown!

And how to make the kids laugh when we're taking a picture and they won't smile!

Happy New Year's!

We had a fun New Year's Eve with some great friends. A delicious meal at Celebrity Club and some fun entertainment that night! The kids celebrated in separate states. Hayden was with Grandpa and Grammy in Kansas. Hadley was in B-ville with Papa and Nina - how lucky we are to have awesome grandparents!

Round 3...Part 2

Papa and Nina and all their grandkids

PaPa and Grandma Betty and their great-grandkids

My uncle and the kiddos

Uncle Kevin was still in quarantine just waiting at home for his "food drop off service" from his wife. She delivered him Christmas dinner and dessert after we all ate.

Christmas Round 3...

We celebrated round 3 with my grandparents and uncle from B-ville.
Papa and Drew
Cal and one of his gifts....

Hayden is the best babysitter, all thru dinner he sat by Cal and fed him his snack.

Hadley playing with her new princess stickers

Opening more presents....

Drew's new hobby is guns/shooting things, so he was VERY excited to get this new Wii game and the gun!

Nina and her new Uggs!

Christmas Round 2

Round 2 we celebrated in Owasso with my family. Unfortunately Uncle Kevin couldn't be there b/c Hayden and Hadley(the carrier monkeys) gave him the stomach virus. Luckily he was better before they left on their big trip to Miami!

It is nearly impossible to get all of 3 of them to look at the camera and smile!(notice Cal's cute uggs!)

Aunt Kylie and Hayden by FAR had the most presents. They said they had been better than everyone else. But, as my mom tells us each might look like someone got more but it is all even! :)

Christmas Day with Family

Daddy is a big Guitar Hero fan, so they both were excited to get guitars from Uncle Adam and Aunt Courtney to rock out with dad!

Corbin and Hayden - they LOVE to get to spend time together!

Kate and Hadley...getting so big

Adam and Drew

Christmas Round 1 in Wichita

Christmas morning.....

Poor Hayden, he was SO sick the night before with a terrible stomach virus(sadly it was passed around) and still didn't feel great that morning. Needless to say his cute Christmas pj's didn't make the pic...

Hadley with her new diamond castle prince and princess

Hadyen and his new DS game!

The fam's personal favorite gift - the electronic arcade b-ball goal. Everyone loved playing it! (it's 9' tall, you should've seen Santa trying to get that in the back door!)

After we opened all our gifts

"Baby" Brooks

We finally got to meet our beautiful nephew/cousin "baby" Brooks! The kids were so excited. They were jumping up and down and giggling when he got there (I think it scared him a little). We LOVED getting to spend 5 days with him! He is so sweet and we can't wait for him to fly to T-town and celebrate birthdays in February!

The Cousins

"We fit" as Hadley says...(english = 'we match')

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hadley's Christmas Program

Hadley had her Rejoice Christmas Program. She was so sweet. She knew all of the words and actions to the songs but, was definitely more reserved than Hayden was when he was 3 and had his Christmas program. It's so neat to see their different personalities.

Coming out on stage to perform...

Hadley and her teacher

Uncle Drew and baby Cal afterwards...