Monday, May 25, 2009


Baseball season is here and we LOVE going to watch Hayden play! Drew is one of the 3 coaches for the 3rd year.

Dad giving him some pointers before he's up to bat...

Hadley isn't that into yet, we're hoping she'll "grow" to like it...


Drew's Early Birthday

Grammy made a quick trip down on her way to Detroit to celebrate Drew's birthday early. We tried to get a Maggie Moo's cake, but they were out of the kind we wanted. So we got peanut butter ice cream!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mother's Day

We all decided we didn't want to cook on Mother's Day so we ate at Los Cabos and then came back to our house to open gifts!

still impossible to get a good picture of both of them smiling

Papa, Nina and all the grandkiddos.

Nina opening her new charms with all the kids pictures for her charm bracelet.

Maui part 2


view from our room

the guys headed to the golf course in our convertible "Sebring" rental car. everywhere you looked there were white and silver Sebrings. when we'd get to a parking lot we'd have to set off our alarm to figure out which was ours!

lunch at the Grand Wailea

Mama's Fish House (amazing! crab and lobster stuffed, macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi rocks)

before dinner at mama's fish house

Drew at Tommy Bahama's Cafe
what we came home to.....
we brought hadley a "how to" hula video, flower lei, grass skirt and a coconut top.
Here she is showing off her technique

hayden playing his new ukelele


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Maui part 1

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary by going to maui! It was a dream trip. 9 days with no cell phones(except to grandparents and sisters :) ) and to do whatever we wanted to ...whale watching, snorkeling, laying by the pool, spaaing it, surfing...good times! Thank you to the grandparents(& aunt kylie) for watching the kiddos so we could have a great time and not worry!

surf lessons

relaxing after a delicious lunch at hula grill(our favorirte)

view from our pool

view from our table at Humuhumunukunukuapua'a at the Grand Wailea

drew, me, ashly and david

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Big Book Report

Drew and I were leaving for our 10th anniversary trip when Hayden was assigned a big project for school - a book report. Luckily aunt kylie was there to save the day since he would need to be working on it while we were gone. He chose the book "Knight at Dawn." It turned out so awesome! They made the stairs to the tree house out of Popsicle sticks that Hayden colored. And the glittery castle was a nice effect too!

Hayden at the book fair at school where the kids got to display their projects for all the parents to see. Hayden didn't win a prize, but 2 first grade teachers came up and told us it was one of their favorite projects!
The hero aunt kylie at the book fair! Thanks aunt kylie for all the help with the project!

Cal's 1st Birthday part 2!

Diggin' in face first!

After his cake then bath Cal and Hadley played in his new wagon!


Cal's 1st birthday part 1!

Happy 1st birthday Cal! It seems like yesterday when we were anxiously awaiting for you to be born and it took a whole 24 hours! It was worth the wait!

the cousins - impossible to get a good pic of all 3!

Cal in his new ride - a new wagon(is Hayden wearing a bonnet in the background ?)!

Getting ready for the cake...