Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grandpa was in town last week and got to go to one of Hayden's baseball games. He got a double, a triple, and brought home 4 of the 9 runs we got(so i'm told). Then he got the game ball for player of the game!
Cal came to cheer Hayden on...

drew, hayden and grandpa

Hayden with the game ball - go stingers!


Hadley had her first dance recital last Saturday night.
I got to be stage mom for her class which was a lot of fun. All the girls were really excited.

the finale


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Drew picked a Japanese restaurant for his birthday. Nina had taken the kids to the pool for the day so it was a 50/50 chance when Hadley fell asleep on the way, if she would wake up in a good mood or not...she did!

Hayden pretending like he is the guy cooking...

Cal thought it was pretty funny!

Hayden doing star wars moves and hadley giving us a preview of her dance recital tap dance...

Hayden and his favorite...a root beer float. he asked me to take a picture with it.


Good times with Good Friends

Hayden and one of his best buds. They have a blast together, and are a lot alike. They are going to Kanakuk together this July for a week!
the guys grilling

Poor Hadley, she is obsessed with animals and doesn't have one. When we go to friends houses and they have a dog, she stalks the dog. Notice Callie's teeth as Hadley is petting her. She is also growling (the dog).

Casey and I