Sunday, July 26, 2009


We loaded up the car to take the big boys to Kanakuk. It was a long drive but fun to do with great friends! The moms were SO nervous, we were sick to our stomachs to leave them. But, the boys were just a little(understatement) excited to get there...

this is Hayden's first time to be
away from family for 7 FULL DAYS!

they are sleeping in teepee's!
These are their counselors...

the theme of Kamp...

moms and their sons

Drew and Hayden...
We made up their bunks, helped them unpack
a little, gave them a few words of wisdom and
left so they could go to their swimming party!
I have been so excited for Hayden and Hadley to get to go
to this camp forever... since they were babies. I am so thankful that Hayden
has this amazing opportunity. And I am grateful to have a
husband who works so hard so that our kids are able to go!

Our Last Day in San Antonio

We didn't have to catch our flight until later in the afternoon. We had to be out of our hotel at 1:00, so we swam in the morning and then found somewhere indoors to be...the wax museum and Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Hayden in the world's largest tire!

with the captain of the Titanic
(Hayden says it's his favorite
movie, he saw it at a friend's house)

with Little Red Riding Hood
(her favorite story)

with Shirley Temple(hayden's fav drink)

with the Constitution

Hannah Montana

i know, i know Oprah is bad...i just
thought this was hilarious though!


More San Antonio...

the "token" alamo pic

inside the alamo

Casa Rio - amazing!

Rain Forest Cafe

Playing Wii by the hotel pool

In the hot tub at our hotel

Excited to go to Rain Forest Cafe after
dinner for a toy

Dancing to the band that was playing...


San Antonio Part Dos

Schlitterbahn - the kids LOVED it! By far the neatest water park(there are 3) we have ever been to.

***disclaimer...there are more pictures of Hadley
because the boys were always off on the big rides
and I always have the camera!


San Antonio Part Uno

We took the kiddos to San Antonio for a vacation. We had never been...

We hit Sea World the first full day we were there!

We got there EARLY and we were able to feed the dolphins.

I think this was my favorite part of the trip, it was so
neat to be that close to them!

Then we hit the pirate 3D show

(just wanted to say how much
i LOVE hadley's outfit. Kylie and I
had these in every color when we
were little)

We thought it would be cool for the kids
to 'Dine with Shamu'. We got to go "behind
the scenes" and get close to the whales and
ask the trainers questions.

It was a pretty amazing experience to be that close!