Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Elf...the movie

When I got a letter home from Hayden's school that I was supposed to "put together" an elf costume for his school play, I immediately went to the computer and ordered one. I ordered the cheapest one. Little did I know that it was the Will Ferrell costume from elf(I fell asleep during that movie). I didn't think that much of it until the night of his play when I saw this...

My stomach immediately dropped. There were probably 50 1st grade elves, all red and green except my son....who was wearing yellow. But he stole the show(I'm his mom, I can say that). I was SOOO proud of him. Not only did he know his lines, he was mouthing the lines of all the other elves. He also had a solo. Just a few lines from a song, but he did awesome! His dance moves were good too! We are so proud of him!

His solo

his dance moves...

And we were so blessed to have all the family drive from Wichita and the B-ville to watch Hayden and spend some time together!