Monday, March 9, 2009


We went on vacation last week with good friends, whose friends
have a cabin in aspen. We spent 5 days there!
This was the view from our cabin, which was
3 minutes away from the slopes!
Due to a little stomach bug Hayden
only got to ski 1 day. This was
Hayden right before ski school!

Watching all the skiiers come down....

Ash and I after our amazing spa afternoon!
After being so cold all week, you can't beat
sitting in the oxygen room, on a cozy lounge
chair by the fire, sipping a glass of

The skiiers heading out for a big day...
Drew, David and Ashly.
I stayed home with the sick boy, so we missed out.
I was secretly glad that day,
it was snowing a little too hard for my skiing



Alisha said...

How fun! I love vacationing with friends. It makes it that much more fun.

I would kill for a spa day... Calgon take me away!