Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Bunny

Everything was going well...

then she decided he was "fuzzy and weird" and would have nothing to do with it!

so this is what we got!



Sarah said...

just think of the memories this picture will evoke for years to come. I think best to be shared at the rehearsal dinner!!

Cynthia Herron said...

Sooo adorable...I actually have a framed picture of Kenzie at a young age screaming and crying at the camara...Its one of my favorites!! Tell the kids we say hello!!!

Alisha said...

Nice! I think that's better than a "good" picture. She'll love that when she's older. : )

The AZ Zs said...

This is priceless! Drew shared your blog address with Rob... check out ours:

I hope all is well with you in OK!
Are you on facebook??