Monday, July 6, 2009

Early 4th

A few nights before the 4th we went out to a random road to test
our aresonal of fireworks. We wanted to see what all we had and if we
needed to get more of something before the 4th! i'm pretty sure
some of our stash wouldn't be allowed to be shot off in neighborhood.

this year drew let hayden shoot off anything he wanted!
It did make me nervous when hayden was holding a roman
candle that was lit in the air. then drew threw something that
made loud noise at his feet. he started to aim the roman candle at us
while he was screaming...not good...but it was funny.

Hadley wasn't interested in doing any...she just stood back
and watched the boys...and did ballet moves.

"Safety Sally" (drew) made sure both kids
were wearing shoes and socks so they
wouldn't blow their toes off. i'm not sure crocs
are explosion proof though...